The Three Extreme Poker Players

by Punter's Hero on September 3, 2010

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What do Doyle Brunson, Vanessa Rousso and Phil Ivey all have in common? Of course these three are some of the best poker pros in the world, appearing at the major live tournaments and on TV shows. Indeed they have more than one thing in common.

Another trait that they all share is they are the best in their category. Phil Ivey is considered the best poker player in the world, and most financial measures support that view. Doyle is the best for longevity as a poker pro, with over fifty years under his belt and still competing live and online on a regular basis.

Last but not least Vanessa Rousso is the most gorgeous in the category of highly profitable female poker pros. If proof was needed, how many poker pros appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit?

One more important thing these poker players have in common is that they do not pay rake when they play poker. The rake is the commission taken from every pot by the casino or poker room. Innocuous sounding, the rake costs a lot to active players, and this is why the pros do not pay rake.

As an amateur online poker player you have to pay the rake, but you can reduce the cost by using rakeback. This is a special type of poker account that pays back part of the rake so that the most active players have a better chance to be profitable.

One example of a room providing such incentive is the Absolute Poker rakeback offer. So if you cannot be as good as Phil, as old as Doyle or as beautiful as Vanessa, at least rakeback let you reduce your cost like they do.

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