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by Punter's Hero on September 6, 2010

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Although 3CardPoker was only invented in 1994 it has already grown to become one of the most popular casino games. Three Card Poker was invented by Derek Webb and was originally known as  Brit-Brag or Casino Brag. Webb was granted patents in America and United Kingdom and started to market the game of 3 Card Poker through his own company Prime Table Games.  Web later cashed in on his game selling the full rights of the game to Shufflemaster  for a reported $20 million. The game has gone from strength to strength becoming a popular casino game for many casino players in online and live casinos.

Online there are still very few resource sites for the game although we have some great news for you. If you are looking for tips on where to play 3 Card Poker, strategy or even the best bonuses available for the game then visit 3cardpoker.com. This site caters for players from beginner level to advance level and is a site completely dedicated to the game rather than just a couple of page on the game offered by other sites.  The site covers all aspects of the game including 3 card poker tournaments, where to play 3 card poker free plus in depth  analysis of hank rankings and the optimum strategy to play.

Online casinos actually offer more value to 3 Card Poker players than live casinos due to the bonuses they offer. Live casinos simply are not going to double your initial bankroll as you walk through their door although this is exactly what online casinos do. Using an optimum strategy together with a decent bonus will give you a far greater chance of becoming a profitable 3 Card Poker player.

IF 3 Card Poker is a game you enjoy or perhaps a game you want to learn more about then visit 3cardpoker.com.

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