Which Online Casinos Are Safe?

by Punter's Hero on September 17, 2010

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Whenever you select an online casino to deposit your money with, you should always be sure to do a bit of a background check on the casino before you whip out your credit card.  The main things you want to look for are if the casino has any known issues, how long the casino has been in operation, where the casino is licensed, do they have good contact options should a problem arise as well as ensuring that the casino is not on any rogue lists.

Here is an example of how you can tell if an online casino is safe to play at.  For this example, we will be using Betfair Casino to show you how to do this kind of research.

Rogue List Verification

The first and most important step to ensuring that the casino is safe to play at is to ensure that it does not appear on any “Rogue Online Casino” lists.  You can either Google something like “Rogue Casino List” or visit this list of the best rogue online casino resources.

Google for Player Complaints

If the casino checks out and does not appear on any rogue lists next thing you are going to want to do is search Google to see if there are any player complaints.  To do this I would recommend entering search queries like: “Betfair Casino Issue(s)”, “Betfair Casino Problem”, or anything you think someone else might write if they were posting an issue about a casino on a message board or other online social community.  Be sure to read any complaints or issues in full as occasionally these can be specific to one player, or in some cases are players that were trying to cheat the casino and got caught.  If several people are reporting a similar issue then this is usually a sign to watch out.

Casino Licensing and Operational Info

If the casino passes the first two tests the next thing you are going to want to do is look for some casino reviews for that particular casino.  Most casino reviews will include information such as where the casino is licensed, how long it has been in operation, where their offices are located and all contact info.  We recommend only playing at casinos licensed by a reputable governing body because at least this way if there is an issue then you can escalate the problem to their license provider.  Many casinos operating in the Carribean or South America tend to have more issues than ones running out of the UK for example.  Make sure the casino also has good contact options (ie. Phone, email, instant messaging, etc) so that if you do run into an issue you can easily speak with a real person.   Lastly, checking the length of time the casino has been in operation for is very important.  A casino operating more than 5 years is much safer to play at than one that has only been around for 6 months.

Hopefully this article provides you with everything you need to know about picking a safe casino and if you need some more information about online casinos be sure to visit CasinoB.com.

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