Matt Le Tissier Claims Wayne Rooney could still leave Manchester United

by Punter's Hero on October 26, 2010

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Matt Le Tissier Claims Wayne Rooney could still leave Manchester United

Matt Le Tissier has told reporters that he belives Wayne Rooney could still leave United even though he signed a £200,000 deal this week.

“Nobody has ever got the better of Sir Alex Ferguson at Man United with regards to contracts.

“He’s let a lot of big names go and I wouldn’t be surprised if this contract has been agreed to ensure Fergie gets top dollar for Rooney when he sells him.”

“Last week was really poor,” he added. “As a former player I was disappointed to see somebody come out and basically say ‘my team-mates are rubbish and I’m the top man and if they don’t get any better I’m off’. Can you imagine going back into a dressing room after saying that?

“Footballers don’t give it enough thought sometimes. The club is in multi-million pounds of debt and here’s the star player – who’s not in the best of form by the way – saying I know you’re millions of pounds in debt but if you don’t spend some more money on better players I’m off.

“The problem lies with the player and agent. If those are not the players’ thoughts he needs to be strong enough to say ‘that’s not right, I don’t want to be doing that’.

“There used to be a happy medium but now players hold too much power. It does frustrate me that players on £100,000 a week are saying they’re struggling and that they need £200,000 a week. I mean seriously, get real. How much money do you need to have a good time in life?

“This isn’t a case of another club saying I’ll give you a lot more money. This is a player wanting more money from the club he’s at.

“You’ve signed that contract, so if you didn’t think it was good enough then, you shouldn’t have signed it.”

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