Hodgson Does Not See Kenny Daglish As a Rival

by Punter's Hero on October 31, 2010

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Hodgson Does Not See Kenny Daglish As a Rival

“I’m not prepared to pass up on quality people who can help because of a fear the day may come the club decides they want Kenny as manager,” Hodgson said.

“That wasn’t the case in the summer, but that’s not to say it won’t be the case forever. I don’t know. I have no fears in that respect because I know my qualities and I’m not a political person.

“He is doing a great job alongside us and we involve him in our scouting while he still works at The Academy and plays an ambassadorial role. That’s what he’s good at.

“You cannot find a better person for that than Kenny Dalglish. I told him I was disappointed he went for the manager’s job because for me he should be working for¬†Liverpool on a permanent basis, long after I leave for years to come assisting all future Liverpool managers.”

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