Gerard Houllier Takes Agbonlahor Off The Weights

by Punter's Hero on December 1, 2010

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Gerard Houllier Takes Agbonlahor Off The Weights

Gerard Houllier has told striker Gabriel Agbonlahor that he must stop his weights programme after becoming to bulky.

“Sometimes players do too much. He’s not in the gym now. When you build up too much it affects your joints and muscles.

“The fact is, I think he should stop, he’s too stocky.

“The Gabby I saw when I was watching TV in France was different to what I see here. He was thinner, more wirey and wow, quick.”

He added: “Gabby signed a new contract and the contract is trust, we trust him and he trusts us so he has to deliver.

“He’s shown that in terms of speed and goal-scoring he has qualities of a high level.”

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