Chelsea vs Manchester United: Premier League Preview

by Punter's Hero on March 1, 2011

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Chelsea vs Manchester United: Premier League Preview

Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti will have to motivate his squad as he looks to beat Manchester United who are currently top of the table.

Chelsea have not performed to their full potential this season but have signed Fernando Torres and they will look to beat United today and close down the distance between the two clubs.

Manchester United boss will look toward strikers Wayne Rooney and Berbatov as he looks to beat Chelsea who have become regular title contenders in recent years.

Manchester United are 15 points ahead of Chelsea this season and they will face a difficult clash when they face later tonight.

Manchester United will be close favourites when they face Chelsea today with the current form of Berbatov and his goals this season Manchester United could win this game and become closer to winning the Premier League.

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