Ian Holloway Says Torres One Of The Best Strikers In The World

by Punter's Hero on March 7, 2011

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Ian Holloway Says Torres One Of The Best Strikers In The World

Ian Holloway’s side will face a difficult side tonight when the face Chelsea. Holloway has told reporters that he believes Torres is one of the best finishers however he doesn’t believe he is worth £50m.

“He’s a great player, Is he worth that money? I don’t think anyone is. Roman Abramovich has given it the old flex, ‘Look at me!’ Do I agree with it? No. Can I do anything about it? No

“But if people are going to pay it, then he is. If someone wants to pay me £50m for my house I’ll bloody sell it to him!

“I think they’ve bought a brilliant player. It just goes to show the gulf between what we’re doing and what Chelsea are doing.

“I’m not fearful of it, I can’t wait. We’ve already seen him here and he scored a brilliant goal against us so we’ve got to be on our game. Have a look at world football and tell me a better striker, whether he’s in form or out of form.

“He’s allowed to go out of form because he’s still very young. I think he’s still one of the best players in the world and Chelsea have done a fantastic bit of business.”

Torres has been beaten twice by Blackpool this season and will want to score his first goal for Chelsea tonight and beat the seasiders.

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