Is Lock Poker Safe?

by Punter's Hero on May 27, 2011

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Ever since the 15th of April, now known as the Black Friday of online poker there has been a lot of US poker players looking for a new site to play at. But the main question you should be asking yourself as US citizen before signing up and depositing real money at a site like Lock Poker is if it’s really safe to do so. Are you funds going to be secure at or will they vanish like a fart in the wind when the US DoJ comes knocking at Lock Poker’s doors? In this post I will try to answer this questions and give my personal opinions in this matter.

Are My Funds Safe at Lock Poker

Whether your funds are safe or not at the website depends very much on what kind of payment processing they have in place. If their funds should get seized by the US Government like in the case of PokerStars and Full Tilt they will definitely not have the required backup funds to pay the players their remaining balance.

Is Lock Poker Legal?

In most states you are not breaking any laws by playing online poker at sites like LockPoker but that is of very little help to you when the company itself is breaking the laws in order to process your deposits. So even though you are not technically breaking the law by playing online poker at you are still the one getting screwed out of your player balance when the poker site have their funds frozen. So at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter if you are breaking the law or not as you are still not going to see your funds should something go wrong.

Are the Withdrawals Working at Lock Poker?

I haven’t personally tried to withdraw any money from Lock Poker as I don’t even have an account there myself but according to the many threads on this topic over at the TwoPlusTwo Forums the withdrawals are currently taking about 2 weeks to process which is not too bad compared to Cake Poker’s 6 weeks but it’s still terrible if you compare to regulated EU sites like Ladbrokes where a withdrawal is processed within 12 hours.

Don’t Play at Lock Poker

Why would I ever say something like this when I could just keep my mouth shut and throw up a Lock Poker banner and have your sign up and make a nice chuck of change for your poker play? Well I’m not the kind of guy who would throw people in front of a train for money. I really don’t believe it’s safe for people to play at LockPoker at the moment as they are probably next in line on the DoJ’s list of evil poker sites. And when the day comes and the DoJ decides to shut down Lock Poker it won’t matter if you are European or from the US, you can just kiss your money bye bye. And that’s the reason I would never play at Lock Poker at the moment.

Alternatives to Lock Poker

If you are really determined to play online poker from the US you might be looking for a safe alternative to Lock Poker. But the biggest problem here is that there are no other good options. Depositing money at an online poker site that is accepting US real money players is a huge gamble is if you know the first thing about +EV you will know it’s a bad bet to have money at a poker site right now.

Again this is a case where I could recommend you to some site that is still accepting US players and make some money in the process but I don’t believe there are any safe sites to play at anymore so I will just give you the advice to stay away from online poker for now. It’s now worth depositing real money at a poker site just to risk having it turned into play money over night due to the US government.

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