FIFA Leaders Finally Dragged Across the Carpet

by Punter's Hero on May 28, 2011

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When the upcoming FIFA elections take place on June 1st, you’ll notice that England won’t be voting for anybody, any you can’t blame them. FIFA, which has allegedly been corrupt for years under the guidance of Sepp Blatter, is finally investigating its president along with the only other nominees in the election, Mohamed bin Hammam.

The pair of them are going to be raked over the coals by the organizations ethics committee on May 29th, and it’s possible the election may have to be postponed, depending on the findings of the investigation. And to make things even more interesting, Jack Warner, will also be hauled onto the carpet as the CONCACAF president has also allegedly been taking bribes.

FIFA is taking a beating in the public relations department because of this, but it’s been long overdue. The organization has been run like a dictatorship for decades and when it does come to election time, Blatter has been the only guy running for office in the past.

It’s no wonder allegations have been flying around though after broken promises and blatant lies during the 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosting bids. Bin Hammam’s nation of Qatar was handed the 2022 World Cup to the shock of most observers.

Things came to a head when Chuck Blazer, who is Warner’s own secretary general, blew the whistle on several people when he said they had accepted bribes. Bin Hammam said that Blatter should have to testify as he might have known what has been going on in his organization and if he didn’t he’s obviously not fit enough to be its leader.

Like former American President Richard Nixon, Blatter has repeatedly said he’s not a crook. It’s up to the ethics committee to decide if that’s true, but it’s also a conflict of interest by having FIFA investigate FIFA. Hopefully the committee will release its findings before any election takes place.

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