NBA Trade Rumor: Andre Igoudala Headed to Warriors for Monte Ellis?

by Punter's Hero on June 17, 2011

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The current NBA season isn’t even over yet with the NBA Finals still underway, but teams around the league are already planning for the future as NBA trade rumors have started to run rampant. The one trade rumor that seems to be getting a lot of talk as of late is the Golden State Warriors sending guard Monte Ellis to the Philadelphia 76ers for forward Andre Igoudala.

In my opinion, this would be a great move for both teams as this is one of those trades that work out for both teams. Ellis will bring the kind of dominant scorer that this up-and-coming 76ers squad needs. Not only will Philly get an upgrade in the scoring department with Ellis at shooting guard, but head coach Doug Collins can now get second-year man Evan Turner in the starting lineup at small forward.

As for the Golden State Warriors, they will get the upgrade on the defensive side of the floor. With Andre Igoudala being a defensive minded forward, the Warriors will be able to put the basketball in Stephen Curry’s hands and take a load off center David Lee. The combination of Curry, Igoudala and David Lee, the Warriors could be a playoff team in the near future.

The Philadelphia 76ers will be the team to benefit the most from this trade in the short term as they will be ready to win immediately out of the gate. With the aging Boston Celtics and the revamped New York Knicks being their only competition in the Atlantic division, the Philadelphia 76ers could compete for the playoffs yet again next season.

The Golden State Warriors on the other hand might have tougher time as they have to compete with the Los Angeles Lakers in the Pacific division, but they will definitely be a better team with more emphasis on defense.

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