NFL Lockout Winding Down

by Punter's Hero on July 21, 2011

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While the NBA lockout could drag on for several months and threatens to cancel the upcoming basketball season, things are looking a little better for the National Football League (NFL). This is great news for the owners, players, fans and of course those who like to place wagers on the games.

Recent meetings between the league and the players’ association has resulted in many of the contentious issues being resolved. However, there are still some things they have to work out before the four-month lockout is lifted and the clubs can start their pre-season training camps at the start of August.

One of the last issues to be taken care of is the anti-trust lawsuit which the players filed against the league back in March. Once that’s solved then it looks like the league will once again be back in business. However, the players will still have to vote on any new collective bargaining agreement as will the team owners.

It’s believed that at least 24 out of the 32 franchise owners will have to agree to a new bargaining agreement and it has been officially signed by the players and owners. Once a deal is signed, there should be a lot of player activity due to free agency and trading before the league gets underway in September. It’s believed that free agency would start three to four days after a deal is done.

The NFL players also have to recertify their union before voting on any proposed deal. It’s believed a new collective bargaining agreement will be a multi-year deal. With a new agreement in place the players are believed to receive from 46 to 48 per cent of the league’s total revenue. In addition, the salary cap per team for the season will likely be about approximately $120 million, which is a little lower than the last salary cap in 2009.

A new deal will also see rookie salaries go down, but pensions and benefits for players are expected to increase with the money saved on rookie earnings. Other new changes will also deal with player safety and the possible return of an NFL team to the city of Los Angeles. There could also be more Thursday night games played in the league since the ratings for games on that night are quite high.

However, while nothing is official yet, experts believe if the lockout isn’t solved in the next few days while both parties are so close to a deal, then it could go on for quite awhile. The smart money says training camps will open on time though.

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