Kevin Kolb Will Most Likely Not be Heading to the Seattle Seahawks

by Punter's Hero on July 22, 2011

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The Seattle Seahawks could be right smack dab in the middle of a pretty big transition phase. With new head coach Pete Carroll at the helm, the Seahawks have been an improved football team, but not the team they want to be.

There is no question that the Seattle Seahawks are a talented football team with a potentially bright future under Pete Carroll, but the quarterback position is one problem they will have to address before next season or in the near future. Veteran gunslinger Matt Hasselback has been the main man under center in Seattle and might be on the verge or leaving the Seahawks via free agency. The consensus is that Seattle wants him back, but there are a few options at quarterback position around the league that has the Seahawks considering a change.

The one young QB that every team in the league in need of a player at that position has been looking at acquiring via trade is Kevin Kolb of the Philadelphia Eagles. With the Eagles shopping Kolb due to the emergence of superstar Michael Vick, Philly will most likely be trading the franchise caliber quarterback before next season.

With that being said, the Seattle Seahawks have been rumored to be interested, but now appear not ready to make the deal and could stick with Matt Hasselback under center for at least one more season.

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