The NFL is Officially Back in Business With the End of the Lockout

by Punter's Hero on July 28, 2011

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The NFL regular season has finally been given the green light as the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) has been finalized and with that being said football can get back to business as usual. This is great news for all parties involved as the owners and players can put their bad blood aside and get the NFL back to being the most popular sport in this country.

Even though the fans probably have a bad taste in their mouth right now about all that has transpired over the past few months, the distain for the owners and the players will be swept away the minute football gets back underway for the preseason. Despite the prospect of many things changing in the NFL after this lockout and new CBA, the league will basically be the same with a few minors tweaks here and there.

With that being said, the fans won’t see the kind of changes that were thought to something impossible to avoid like the NFL regular season being expanded to 18 games instead of the current 16. Since the players wanted no part of that, the owners agreed that the 16 games should remain the same over the next 10 years of the new CBA deal.

Perhaps the biggest change for the 32 teams around the league as a result of the NFL lockout and the extensive amount of time it took to get done is the preparation for next season. Now teams will have to re-sign and sign free agents in a short period of time that they are not used to and that could result in madness.

Regardless of what happens during the shortened free agent process, the NFL is back to normal and fans can look forward to yet another entertaining season of football.

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