3D Online Slots Games for US Players Now Available

by Punter's Hero on September 21, 2011

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In the recent months the online gaming industry has seen a huge increase in the interested for so called 3D online slots games. These are online slot machines with a very detailed storyline and as you are playing you will be able to unlock special features and bonus games that are played out in a 3D environment.

Most of these 3D slots games do not require special 3D glasses and you could argue that they aren’t really 3D at all but rather a pimped up version of the old versions of 2D slots. The casino software provider Microgaming have taken it a step further though and launched a full scale 3D slot machine which does require 3D glasses (which are usually provided by the online casino for free upon your first deposit). The most popular of these 3D slots games is called “Sterling Silver” and you can see the features of the game in the YouTube video I have embedded below.

As you can see you will need a set of 3D glasses in order to really enjoy this game but I can assure you that once you have tried playing online slots games in 3D there is very little chance of you wanting to go back and play the old school versions of the game.

3D Slots for US Players

Until very recently there were no good alternatives for US casino players looking to play 3D slots games. But as the US friendly online sportsbook BetOnline started offering 3D slots powered by BetSoft there is now a safe and legal way to try out these games even if you are living in the USA. At this online casino and sportsbook you will be able to play 3D slot machines for real money by depositing with your credit card.

Why Play 3D Slots?

It’s very simple really. If you are looking to try the new breed of slot machines you should definitely be playing 3D slots. The storylines that run throughout these games are very interesting and will keep you entertained for several hours. Another reason to play 3D slots is the high payout percentages. I don’t have the exact numbers but I’m certain it’s well over 95% payouts to the players.

The Downside of 3D Slots

The only real downside with these games is that they don’t feature any progressive jackpots which is needed to get that big score everyone is dreaming of. If you are looking for a slot machine that offers 6 or 7 figure payouts then 3D slots is not for you.

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