Betfred Joins the Live Dealer Market with New Mobile App

by Punter's Hero on February 28, 2013

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BetFred has become the first online gambling site to use Playtech’s brand new live dealer mobile gambling application. Playtech recently took a massive gamble by becoming the first casino software developer to create a mobile casino game that featured live dealers. Many other competitors have been wary of developing such a product at this time, with the general thought amongst them being that live streaming and live dealer games just isn’t ready to be released on the current mobile casino devices in existence. Playtech however have thought differently, and the new live dealer casino game mobile gambling application has already been snapped up by BetFred, who are eager to become the first gaming site to reap the rewards if the technology proves a hit.

Live dealer games are generally only available to the online casino market via home computers and laptops due to the immense streaming power that they require. Live dealer games generally involve a live stream being broadcast from a studio where the dealer is present. The game is thus played via video stream and a gaming control menu on your computer. However, Playtech have found a way to make the system work for mobile gamers too now.

The question is; are Bet Fred going to get their value out of it? Well, BetFred might be the only online gambling site to currently offer the live casino mobile application, but that will soon change, and it thought that others are already waiting in the wings to snap up the product. Bet Fred however, is currently the only site offering it, so a lot of new gamers eager to try out the product will be heading in their direction! Whether or not the new live dealer mobile casino games application is any good, is another question.

At present the live dealer mobile casino app consist of only live dealer roulette, although blackjack and baccarat are predicted to be launched by Playtech on the Bet Fred live dealer mobile casino app within the coming weeks. The platform is only valid for Android devices at the minute too, meaning that many iOS and HTML5 players are also missing out on the latest Playtech brainchild. However this too is expected to change in the coming weeks or months and Playtech will almost certainly make the Bet Fred app available to other platforms and devices.

Roulette is one of the most popular live dealer casino games in the online gambling world, so it was only natural that this would be the first of the live dealer mobile casino games to be released. It would also make sense that poker and craps before long find their way onto the platform too, although there has been no word from Playtech on this at this time.

It is the rapid use of 3G technology that makes the Bet Fred mobile casino live dealer application so appealing, as it would be of little use to players on Wi-Fi connections as they couldn’t play on the go; only where Wi-Fi connections are available. The advent of 3G however means no matter where a player is, in the office, on the train or in a taxi they can witness the power and realism of live dealer roulette with Bet Fred.

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