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by Punter's Hero on April 24, 2013

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whatever-small(April 2013) – aims straight for the top spot as the new major Online Gambling Guide. This brand new website aims to focus on real money gambling online, one of the foremost pursuits of any online activity ever. This is done with a keen sense of fun, just as this leisure activity should be handled. offers insight into the most accurate and up-to-date gambling resources for online casino gaming, sports betting, bingo, live casinos, and other trending gambling related subjects.

The aim of the game is to offer all members and visitors a comprehensive knowledge of gambling activities online, an insider’s edge, so to speak. Knowledge is key for a number of reasons, and it would not do for a new player to risk money on a casino game such as blackjack or poker without being aux fait with the rules, variations of game, betting types and so on.

Working hand in hand with knowledge of games rules, comes another vital aspect for the gambler online. This vital aspect is recommendations for the best gambling products to be found. Online portals such as Whatever Gambling offer this very necessary service, so, and informed gamer is also informed of the best and most trusted real money gambling sites for their specific needs. These services have played an important role in the industry, and continue to do so as the industry continues to grow exponentially.

Recommended casinos are tried and trusted by layers who have used and reviewed them for years, as well as checked personally for responsible gambling policies, bonus comparisons, promotions, prizes, progressive jackpots, ECOGRA certification, TST Testing, and so on. This ensures that all recommendations are only for safe and trusted online gambling sites. A quick overview ensures that the player does not need to study reams of terms and conditions at every single site that attracts them.

Secure gambling is one of the most important issues facing online gamblers today. In the UK this is a simple matter, it is a well regulated environment, and a great many more countries are regulating these online real money games. However, it is reassuring to know that our, bonuses, bankrolls, banking options, prize money and much more, are being handle by a reliable operator in a well regulated territory. Whatever Gambling keeps up with changing trends, as well as changing law, and the current state of law for virtually every areas of the world is covered by the site. They cover:

USA Gambling
USA Online Gambling
EU Gambling
EU/UK Online Gambling
Australia Gambling
Australia Online Gambling 
Asia Online Gambling

Live Dealer games are a trending factor of this industry, as are mobile games, the website has it all covered. Sports-betting for example is the one of the most prolific of all online and mobile gambling activities, Whatever Gambling have it all covered. The site covers:

  1. Casinos Online and all forms of gaming from Blackjack to keno
  2. Live dealer games – these are mostly blackjack, roulette and baccarat
  3. Slot machines in all their shapes and forms, as well as progressive jackpot prizes (PJP’s)
  4. Software developers and networked PJP’s, for example Net Entertainment
  5. Sports Betting and Betting Strategies
  6. Banking Options by country
  7. Bonuses by product and site
  8. Bingo and Other Real Money Games

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Playing real money games at online casino is supposed to be fun. It can bring companionship and joy to the isolated or lonely. It can in fact be one of the most fun experiences to be had on the internet. These websites offer the opportunity to enjoy a little light fun, together with the prospect of winning. Gambling is inherent to all cultures world-wide, however, wagering money at an online casino also has its risks. Consulting an online portal can minimize that risk.

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