Three England fans to raise money for charity by hiking to 2014 World Cup

by Punter's Hero on January 14, 2014

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Walk to World CupIt’s going to be a long trip to Brazil for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil this summer for three supporters of England as they plan on walking to South America’s largest nation. The three fans and friends from England plan on hiking to the tournament as a unique way to raise money for a local charity. Of course, they can’t walk over water, so their journey will kick off in Argentina.

From there they will hike through Uruguay and eventually reach Brazil. The journey is about 1200 miles or 1966 kilometres in total length, with the number 1966 having a special meaning to England supporters. That was the one and only year England has managed to win a major international tournament, which was the World Cup at home at Wembley Stadium.

The three energetic fans are 26-year-old Adam Burns, 29-year-old Pete Johnston and 31-year-old Dave Bewick. They’re hoping the adventure will be able to raise at least 20,000 pounds ($34,000) for the charity. The trio is also hoping to walk their way into the famous Guinness World Book of Records. The friends will leave on their hike on March 3 from Mendoza, Argentina and hope to end up in Brazil approximately 80 days later. On the way, the men figure they’ll hike through 29 different towns and villages.

Johnston will lead the group and said he hopes other fans will end up joining them during their journey. He said it would be quite a sight to see a huge group of fans from all across the globe walk into Brazil together. He added that it doesn’t matter what language football fans speak since the sport itself is more or less a universal language that brings people together from all walks of life.

The money raised from the hike will go to a charity called the J de V Arts Trust. The goal of this organization is to help improve the standard of life for needy people in Britain as well as other areas of the world. A friend of the three hikers operates the charity and said the money will be used to help out the Brazilian community of Bahia, as it needs a water well due to a severe drought in the area.

Bewick remarked that all three friends are huge England supporters and are excited about their upcoming trip and the chance to watch them in action at the World Cup. They’re also glad the charity will benefit from their efforts. The trip will wind up in the city of Porto Alegre on June 8. The men will have a few days to rest and celebrate before the World Cup gets underway on June 12.

Burns is looking after the social media side of things for the hikers and said the group has been gaining attention across the world by newspaper and online articles along with appearances on the radio and television. They’ve received a lot of support from sports figures such as former England striker Alan Shearer. Fans can donate to the charity by checking out this link or follow the adventure on Twitter at @walk2worldcup.

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