Did David Price Have The All Star Blues?

by Punter's Hero on July 19, 2010

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David Price was simply not even close to top form in the Bronx, although he refused to blame the All Star Game for his poor performance.

“I can’t blame that. I can only blame myself,” Price said after allowing a season-high seven runs over five innings. “I didn’t get myself prepared for this game like I should have. So it’s time to get back to work.”

Joe Maddon stated he noticed virtually right from the off that that Price didn’t look as comfortable as he normally does.

“David just did not have his best,” Maddon said. “He didn’t have that same comfortable look about him.” … “My body, I just haven’t gone about these last couple days like I should have, and it showed,” he said. “So it’s my fault.”

Price though was not on his own as a lot of pitchers looked out of sorts this week.  Perhaps this is  another reason why the All-Star game has outlived its usefulness.

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