Legalised Online Casinos In US States This Year?

by Punter's Hero on July 25, 2010

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online casinos legalisationLegalisation of online gambling is picking up pace all around the world. It now is just a matter of time before online casinos and indeed all forms of online gambling are legalised around the world. Most of the western world’s economies are still crippled by the recent credit crunch so they simply need the extra revenue that legalising online gambling would create.

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Many countries have watched Italy cash in on the online gambling boom. It is no surprise that France and even British Columbia have also followed the same path. Many countries such as the US have tried in vain to stop their citizens gambling online but in reality all this has achieved is lining the pockets of those who run illegal gambling sites. More so now than ever the online gambling industry needs legalisation throughout the world.

US and Euro players can play legally at free online casino sites such as Casino Wonga but are restricted to a few real money sites. The quality online gambling brands follow the rules set by the US government and do not accept deposit from either US citizens . Things though are changing! Even Harrah’s who are perhaps one of the biggest chains of live casinos in the world are lobbying hard to secure legalised gambling in the states. This is a turnaround for Harrah’s as they were part of the instigators who wanted online gambling banned over 4 years ago. Harrah’s will be in an extremely strong position when the US legalises online gambling as they have already launched Caesars Bingo & Caesars Casino in the UK although at the moment they only accept UK online players.

Many analysts predict that perhaps as soon as later this year will we see US states such as New Jersey open the floodgates to legalised online gambling. Once they do so and start to cash in other states are sure to follow. Get set for another online gambling boom!

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