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by Punter's Hero on October 26, 2010

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As well as the drama and tension that goes with high level poker competition, there are other factors that have led to poker becoming one of the fastest growing and most watched spectator sports in the World. One of the interesting sub plots that has sprung up around poker since it became one of the most glamorous sports around is that of the personalties of the sport’s biggest stars. With poker now televised around the World, the games highest profile players have become superstars away from the sport as well. Here are some of the more famous players that have graced poker’s top table over the years…

Chris Ferguson

Nicknamed “Jesus” because of his resemblance to our Lord and Saviour. “Jesus” is sometimes compared to “Van Wilder” from the famous film after being enrolled at UCLA for 18 consecutive years: five years as an undergraduate and 13 as a graduate student. Ferguson was awarded a Ph D in Computer Science when he finally left.

Howard Lederer

Lederer is another player awarded a nickname and is thought of as the “Professor” of poker. Lederer is also considered to be world class in other sports, having won a World Championships in chess. His sister, Annie Duke, is also a professional poker star.

Antonio Esfandiari

Known in poker circles, and by his fans as “The Magician,” Antonio Esfandiari is the guy can (and does!) flare up to 8 chips with both hands. True to his nickname, Esfandiari also performs a series of other card and magic tricks when playing!

Phil Ivey

Phil was warned as a child by his grandfather about the evils of poker and other forms of gambling, but despite this he went on to become the youngest poker player ever to reach professional status. Phil has won 8 WSOP bracelets.

Phil Gordon

After finishing in 4th in the 2001 World Series of Poker Phil Gordon shot to worldwide fame and became rather rich, winning £400,000. Gordon is multi talented though and has supplemented hiss poker income, having written several books.

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