2011 Bridgestone Invitational Golf Predictions

by Punter's Hero on August 3, 2011

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The main headlines as we are heading closer to tee off in the 2011 Bridgestone Invitational are the ones about Tiger Woods’ comeback. I found it hard to believe myself when I first read it but it seems he will actually come through this time and at least tee off in a competition for the first time in months. According to Tiger the knee is now healed perfectly and it shouldn’t give him any problems. Personally I think the whole knee thing is a bit of a cover up to protect the billion dollar brand that is Tiger Woods during the worst down swing in his career. But that’s for another article and I’ll better get to my actual predictions before you all die of boredom.

The Favorite

Even though he’s been playing pretty poor golf lately (by his own standards) and not living up to the extreme hype we saw after his US Open victory. I just don’t see why Rory McIlroy should be made the favorite here. Sure he did win the US open this year in a very convincing fashion, but then what? He rested for a month, against Colin Montgomerie’s advice, and he got back to the British Open playing like a school boy. So with both the British Open and the Irish Open performances in mind I will choose not to place any money on a McIlroy victory in the Bridgestone Invitaional this year as the field is full of great players in better form than McIlroy at the moment.

The Comeback Kid Man

It’s been a while since Tiger Woods managed to mess up his “perfect” life in a pretty grand way. It seems he slept with just about anyone but the maid and his wife and once it came out his game suffered dearly. I don’t buy the whole injury thing, but then again I don’t think Oswald was the lone shooter when JFK was killed so I’m keen on conspiracies. Either way it’s obvious that Tiger was a far cry from his former self when he played earlier this year. I do think that he is back in shape now though because there is no way that Team Tiger would net him play if he wasn’t 100% ready and in decent shape.

It’s not every day that you are offered the odds of 20/1 on a Tiger Woods victory so I just can’t keep my hands of that and will definitely add him to my stable of players that I’m betting on.

The Underdogs

I know that you can’t really refer to Steve Stricker as an underdog but I didn’t find another section to put him under so here it goes. This man has been on fire in recent years and just lately he managed to win the John Deere Classic for the third year in a row. Now that’s pretty impressive. Stricker is probably one of the best clutch putters on tour but his major issue is always getting through the final day in with a decent score. He usually plays great golf the first three days but can’t seem to handle being in the lead come the final round. I am hoping that Stricker will be able to deal with his demons come the final round though and I’ll add him to my stable at the odds of 18/1.

Another guy that should not be referred to as an underdog is Rickie Fowler (even though the bookies have made him one). I don’t know if I like Rickie Fowler or not, but i sure don’t hate him. I have to be honest though and say that he looks like a real fool on the golf course (what self respecting golfer wears Puma?). but his choice of clothing aside he is a very solid golfer and one of the most solid putters on tour when it comes to judging the pace of the greens.  Since my online bookie is offering me the insane price of 40/1 there is no way I can stay away from adding young boy Fowler to my stable of players.

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